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Since ancient times, Ukraine has been and still is at the very heart of historical metamorphosis. Great trade routes ran through its territory, it went through many waves of migration, East and West met and mingled here for centuries, major tragedies of the twentieth century, as well as the most iconic contemporary revolutions, unfolded here. Ukraine is also an example of cohabitation where a great many cultures and peoples fuel constant change. Currently, there are about 65 million people of Ukrainian-descent who live the world over.

Portal Publishing and Education creates books on history and culture while paying special attention to a unifying narrative, different values, and psychological aspects. We discuss global things through local, local through global, focus on the context and the interrelationships. The history of Ukraine is part of world history, but at the same time, the history of Ukraine contains within itself the history of the world.

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Олена Хіргій, owner

Yaroslav Grytcak, expert of history

Igor Tceunov, expert of history

Nadiyka Gerbish, books producer

Oleg Gryshchenko, art-director

Mariya Lionenko, Curator of the educational direction


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